July 2014

Spa and Sleep at The Four Seasons, Hampshire

If, like me, you are a knackered mum and have forgotten what it is like to just sit quietly, maybe read a magazine with NO interruptions, essentially have nobody else to think about except for yourself, then you have come to the right place.   I am about to share with you the best £130 I have spent in a long time.  The Four Seasons Day Spa Retreats open at 10am (I

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Chill out with the kids at Mayfield Lavender Fields

Another weekend, another search for a family day out that doesn’t involve padded walls and even more screaming children to add to our own.  I know we all have to do kids stuff but sometimes it’s nice to find something that everyone can enjoy right?  Well, if the Lavender fields of Provence have always beckoned but are an unrealistic trip away – then why not visit the Mayfield Lavender Fields in

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