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A Two Week Break From Our Toddler – The Verdict

I just thought I’d do a little post on this as a few people were asking how it was. It was obviously amazing…but there were peaks and troughs of feelings throughout and an annoying inability to completely relax. For those who don’t know, Ross and I have just come back from two child free weeks in Bali – sorry to keep barking on about it I don’t mean to rub

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Bali Style – Kaftans, Beach Bags And Flip Flops

While I was in Bali I met up with my friend Prue – yes she lives there the lucky thing!  She is the amazing creative behind my Bikinis and Bibs logo.  We had a fun day at Alila Uluwatu shooting her Balinese kaftan collection for her kaftan brand Gypsy Thing, here are the results – some serious pouting and posing from me which cracked me up after each photo but how

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Parent Escape: Bali with Alila Hotels And Resorts

We have just been lucky enough to take, what feels like, a sabbatical from our two year old son.  The destination was the island of Bali in south east asia and we were hosted by the luxurious boutique hotel group Alila Hotels and Resorts.  T-rex was conceived in Bali and so it was quite poignant that we were able to make our first long haul ‘parent escape’ back to this

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