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Dim Sum Treats & River Views: Royal China London

I’ve always been proud of my Chinese heritage and spent most of my years growing up around the delicious street food of Singapore. Now I have my son, who is a quarter chinese, I’m keen to keep our heritage alive and show him all the cool things Chinese culture has to offer. Eating is a big part of asian living and so when Royal China invited us to go and eat some

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Parent Escape: Art Deco Singapore At Tiong Bahru

Just a quick little post and some pics on this cute area in Singapore.  If you want a bit of 1930’s Asia, art deco architecture, cool cafes and bookshops plus a colonial style bar, then come to Tiong Bahru.  I’m not saying it’s outstanding – it’s a quiet residential area but for me it’s a reminder of the old Singapore that I grew up in.  It has enough to keep

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Shopping with Kids in Singapore

Yes I know, to any sane mother this sounds like a nightmare but to go to Singapore and not visit Orchard Road is like going to London and not shopping at all.  On my recent trip I found a way of making Singapore shopping with a child less traumatic – I’d even go so far as to say it was enjoyable. My saviour was the 5th floor of designer shopping

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