Spa and Sleep at The Four Seasons, Hampshire

If, like me, you are a knackered mum and have forgotten what it is like to just sit quietly, maybe read a magazine with NO interruptions, essentially have nobody else to think about except for yourself, then you have come to the right place.



I am about to share with you the best £130 I have spent in a long time.  The Four Seasons Day Spa Retreats open at 10am (I was there at 9.30 –   do not waste any precious ‘me time’) and include one 60 minute treatment, a two course lunch in the delicious Thai Cafe Sante plus use of the amazing spa facilities.  On a sunny day sunbathe and lunch outside by the pool, detox in a steam room whilst soaking your hair in the complimentary pots of Morrocan oil or simply – and this was my favourite bit – sleep.  Sleep until your little heart’s content (or at least until 10pm when the spa closes) in the dark relaxation room on the wide, warm and squishy beds completed with a large V shaped pillow to ensure extra cosiness. Bliss.


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