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Baby Teething Beach Jewels – MintyWendy

At the risk of sounding like my mum (sorry mum) I can’t believe how cool baby stuff is these days.  This necklace is from MintyWendy and it is a baby teething necklace – I have also adopted it as my new beach necklace which can be worn in the sea and out without getting ruined. I was not looking for teething necklaces, T-Rex is way past that point but I loved

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The Bikini I Bought – Eberjey At Heidi Klein

When I decided to include fashion in my blog, I forgot that I might have to do a bit of ‘modelling’.  The fact that I have also chosen one of the most revealing genres of fashion also cracks me up no end – I should have done this when I was twenty one…not nearing forty and post pregnancy.  Then again,  like I’ve said before, we should be proud of our bodies

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