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8 Comfy Travel Trousers For Kids

  If you’re about to set off on a trip, here are some comfortable travel trousers for your toddler that can also be worn whilst on holiday. I love jeans but they are definitely not good for travelling in and whilst babygrows are necessary for newborns, I always found them annoying when it came to changing in a plane toilet.  I only bought these lightening bolt joggers for T-Rex recently

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Monpe – The Ultimate Travel Trouser

  I officially christen these Monpe trousers ‘The Ultimate Travel Trouser’.  I have had my eye on Monpe trousers for a while and am so excited to finally get my hands on a pair.  Monpe are traditionally a work trouser from Japan and are the regarded as the ‘Japanese Jean’.  I have been wearing mine for approximately twenty minutes and I am totally in love with them already – they

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