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Green Dragon Gloves By Snowballs & Sandcastles

Just before Christmas we were sent the cutest pair of water resistant gloves from kids travel brand, Snowballs and Sandcastles. Getting gloves on T-Rex usually goes something like this: erratic kicking (in my face) squirming and rolling to rival a WWWF champion, at which point I retreat defeated and we go to the park with a gloveless T-Rex.  The green dragon allure of these gloves, however, serve as a great distraction

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Winter Ready – Kids Duffle Coat

  There is something about kids in a duffle coat don’t you think?  Especially boys – the look seems synonymous with scallywag children getting up to no good, definitely a fitting look for T-Rex.  This winter, I have a bigger, taller T-Rex who is harder to fit in a pram with his bulky puffer coat of last year and so the wool duffle is appearing to be a winner on

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