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Red Socks

Love these little red numbers from Marks & Spencer – meant for girls but even cuter for boys with jeans.

Pretty Flats for Busy Mums

It was a sad day when I realised that my collection of heels were no longer going to be going out partying till the early hours, frequenting London’s bars and restaurants or being walked in awkwardly through rush hour on the tube.  I was not ready for a comfy Clarks shoe or a boring trainer but in order to keep up with T-Rex there was a need for pretty flats.

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Beaches of Bournemouth

Although I have lived in London for the last ten years I am definitely a beach girl at heart – there is nothing more invigorating than a walk by the ocean or, if you’re brave enough, a swim in the sea.  Bournemouth is where I grew up and whilst its more tacky main beach always seems to crop up on the front cover of a newspaper every summer, it is

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