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Botanical Beauty For Travellers

Some of my favourite beauty products at the moment are plant-based. Not only do they feel really good on your skin but the smells are amazing! Whenever I use them I feel like I’ve just been to a spa and the scent stays with me all day making me feel so good. One brand I have long been a fan of is Aesop. I am obsessed. We have Aesop handwash

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Heroes In My Beauty Bag

I just wanted to share some of the beauty products I have been using lately. Some I have discovered recently and others have been old faithfuls in my beauty bag. As I have got older my skin, eyebrows, eyelashes and lips have all changed and I’ve found I’ve had to look for products to counteract these changes. Unfortunately there is nothing glamorous about it –  if you’re finding you’re eyelashes are

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