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A Transition To Slow Fashion: Matter

It is not easy living in one of the world’s most fast paced cities – London. Always at the forefront of everything, not least fashion, I find it really hard when I am there not to get caught up in the whirlwind of consumerism. This year I have been away for a while and through not having a permanent address, my shopping habits have had no other choice but to

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Vintage Sari Shirt – Lisa Taylor

In my opinion the best summer wardrobes are an eclectic mix of high street fashion, designers and independent labels.  I love a pre-holiday shop to get excited about travelling but I also love digging out classic pieces that I’ve usually bought abroad and wear on holiday every time.  I was recently given this beautiful vintage sari shirt from Lisa Taylor. India is somewhere I am still desperate to go to and so I feel like a

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