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The Packing List – Sri Lanka & The Maldives

A colourful case for a colourful place! A few essentials (and non essentials) I’m taking with us on our trip to Australia, via Sri Lanka and the Maldives. This time we’ll be away for approximately five months and so the packing list for both myself and my son has been hard to whittle down but here is a sneak peak of what I’ll be taking. The Essentials: Mosquito repellents – We are travelling

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The Packing List – Spain

If you are looking for a holier-than-thou list of ‘how to pack for kids’ I’m sorry but this is not it.  I literally have the biggest suitcase I could find (we are away for two months) and have (over) filled it with lots of cool (but probably useless) holiday things for both myself and T-Rex.  Ross has his own bag…which also has some of my and T-Rex’s things in, you see

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