The Packing List – Sri Lanka & The Maldives

A colourful case for a colourful place! A few essentials (and non essentials) I’m taking with us on our trip to Australia, via Sri Lanka and the Maldives. This time we’ll be away for approximately five months and so the packing list for both myself and my son has been hard to whittle down but here is a sneak peak of what I’ll be taking.

The Essentials: Mosquito repellents – We are travelling on the tail end of rainy season in Sri Lanka and so I’m preparing for mosquitoes. They absolutely LOVE me so I go all out industrial with Jungle Formula repellent and I also have the kids version for T-rex which he will be wearing with his cool mossie repelling hat. If you prefer something more natural I use an amazing product by Avon called Skin So Soft – it’s a dry oil that moisturises without getting on your clothes and is also a mosquito repellent. Lastly, I have just bought these for us all to wear as an extra precaution – yes I’m slightly OTT when it comes to mossies but having had Dengue Fever before, I’m not taking risks.The Essentials: Jet Lag – Ever since a friend told me she slathered the soles her three children’s feet with Magnesium Oil before their flights I have done the same (although instructions say halve the dose for children…whoops). If you have never used it before, Magnesium oil is a natural relaxant which can help you and your little ones sleep.  I also take a small bottle of lavender oil to dab on pillows and soft toys which I find helps with sleep too.

Packing tip: Use dust bags to separate things when packing – makes it easier to get things out at the other end

The Non-Essentials (but much prettier and interesting bits): The benefit of travelling after the summer in the UK is that you can get all the bargains like these espadrille shoes currently in Gap. I love a tassle earring and would be wearing them this autumn in England too – they are in store at H&M or there are a few online here. Lastly I can’t wait to wear this beautiful one piece from the Greek luxury designer Emmanuella Swimwear who I discovered in Crete earlier this year.My pom pom obsession has extended to my travel notebook. Call me old fashioned but I still rather write my notes down on paper and it’s a good excuse to collect pretty pads:) This one is from Norfolk designer Izzi Rainey who also designs matching pom pom purses.So that’s it – a very small snippet of what I have in my bag. It is obviously stuffed to the brim with lots more things so stay tuned and if you want to follow me on my travels, you’ll find me on social media and mostly Instagram.

Photo By: All Images Copyright Bikinis and Bibs
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