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Winter Holidays: The Style Edit

Although summer is my favourite, I’m getting more and more into winter fashion and especially love all the faux fur and winter accessories currently around. So whether you’re jetting off to somewhere cold and Christmassy or just looking for some winter fashion inspiration, here are a few ideas. City Break Style In Copenhagen Sunglasses| Boots| Bobble Hat| Jacket| Jumper| Bag I’ve wanted to go to Copenhagen for a while and

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Faux-Fur Multicoloured ‘Monster’ Coats

I’m getting quite good at this selfie business aren’t I?(!!!?)  I just need to learn how to do photoshop so I don’t have weird pipes sticking out of the top of my arm.  Anyway, I am so excited to see these multicoloured faux-fur coats in at the moment because I bought mine last year at a market in Valencia and I love it!  It’s the one good reason for cold dreary

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