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Love My Havis

There is nothing nicer than receiving a holiday gift, so you can imagine how excited I was when this pretty pair of Havaianas accompanied by some mini reds for T-Rex fell through my letter box. You Had Me at Sea Green and Sparkly I must admit I was dubious about the baby Havaianas. They look way too cute to actually work and support the foot of a wobbly toddler…but they do. 

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Summer Superga Trainers For Me and T-Rex

  As soon as I saw Binx Walton and her silver Supergas I wanted them.  I know, I am a total sucker for marketing and it seems (sadly) a supermodel wannabe but I do need a new pair of summer trainers.  The fact that they were metallic sealed the deal.  Since living in Peckham, I appear to have gone particularly bling-tastic and these little Italian numbers were just the ticket –

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Pretty Flats for Busy Mums

It was a sad day when I realised that my collection of heels were no longer going to be going out partying till the early hours, frequenting London’s bars and restaurants or being walked in awkwardly through rush hour on the tube.  I was not ready for a comfy Clarks shoe or a boring trainer but in order to keep up with T-Rex there was a need for pretty flats.

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