Summer Superga Trainers For Me and T-Rex


Binx Walton Superga 2750 Cotmetu Silver

As soon as I saw Binx Walton and her silver Supergas I wanted them.  I know, I am a total sucker for marketing and it seems (sadly) a supermodel wannabe but I do need a new pair of summer trainers.  The fact that they were metallic sealed the deal.  Since living in Peckham, I appear to have gone particularly bling-tastic and these little Italian numbers were just the ticket – enough bling, not too much booyaka.

Superga Kids Bvel 2750 Navy

The reason I was on the Superga website in the first place, was because at the end of last summer, whilst on holiday in Sorrento, I had seen a bunch of cool little Italian kids rocking their teeny tiny Supergas.  T-Rex was too young for them then but fast forward almost a year and his rapidly growing toddler feet mean that I am replacing shoes almost every month. These little navy blue, velcro fastening numbers are what I found and the best bit is that they are so easy to do up that T-Rex can actually put them on himself.

Binx Walton Superga 2750 Cotmetu Silver

Binx Walton Silver Superga 2750 Cotmetu Silver and Kids 2750 Bvel Navy

So there we have it, the beginnings of a ‘must co-ordinate with my kid’ wardrobe.  It is cute though.

Superga 2750 Cotmetu Silver and Superga Kids 2750 Bvel Navy

Photos by Ross Macleod

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