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There is nothing nicer than receiving a holiday gift, so you can imagine how excited I was when this pretty pair of Havaianas accompanied by some mini reds for T-Rex fell through my letter box.


You Had Me at Sea Green and Sparkly


I must admit I was dubious about the baby Havaianas. They look way too cute to actually work and support the foot of a wobbly toddler…but they do.  We gave it a few trial days and six weeks on they have not left his feet.  Even husband commented that they are the only shoe that actually stays on his foot during out of control running. Bravo for the mini Havi!


I love my Havis because…

  1. My first pair were a much loved chocolate brown purchased in Australia. I have, since sampled the Havaiana rainbow of colour combos – purple and white, pink and neon yellow, the classic white Brasil.  There have been dalliances with other non-Havis but I always return to my old faithfuls.
  2. Spongy, comfy and don’t make your toes look long.
  3. It has become a ritual to buy a pair of Havaianas in every country I visit – believe me, they are all different. So far I have purchased them in Bali, Barbados, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, USA and of course sunny England.


Women Slim Crystal Poem in Green (Exclusive Collection)

Baby Brasil Logo in Ruby Red

This post is in association with Havaianas – thank you for our beautiful flip flops.

Take a look at the colourful new season of Havaianas here.


Pics by Ross Macleod – see more of our Havis in his Flickr portfolio here

Illustrations by Heike Scharrer-Smallcombe

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