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The Maldives With Kids – Mirihi Island Resort

The Maldives must have been on my bucket list since the word go. To visit with kids? Probably not but as timings in life go, this was our opportunity and so, with kid in tow…off we go. Contrary to what I was expecting, this holiday turned out to be one of our easiest and most relaxing. The choice of resort is key and staying on the laid back island resort of

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Daios Cove – A Luxury Family Resort In Crete

As a habitual independent traveller who likes to do her own thing, I rarely stay at resorts but since having a family the idea has become a lot more appealing.  I have been looking at places that both my husband and I as well as my son will enjoy.  The ease of having T-Rex’s every whim catered for in a resort is undeniably dreamy but I don’t want it to be at the

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