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A Winter Made In Britain – Gloverall Duffle Coats

Winter for me is all about the investment buys, having spent too many years not being warm enough when I’m out. I now realise, no matter what I’m wearing underneath, if I have a good sturdy coat to carry me through the winter months, I’ll be fine. I’m not talking about going out and buying any old winter coat however, this coat is the one you’ll be seen in most days for several

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Faux-Fur Multicoloured ‘Monster’ Coats

I’m getting quite good at this selfie business aren’t I?(!!!?)  I just need to learn how to do photoshop so I don’t have weird pipes sticking out of the top of my arm.  Anyway, I am so excited to see these multicoloured faux-fur coats in at the moment because I bought mine last year at a market in Valencia and I love it!  It’s the one good reason for cold dreary

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