Hi Mama!

Before we start, let’s just get a few things clear with regards to definitions in this blog:

Definition of “Holiday”(pre-children): an extended period of leisure and recreation, usually spent away from home. Popular holiday activities might involve lying  for long periods of time in the sunshine, reading books, enjoying lingering lunches,  partaking in a daily siesta, drinking copious amounts of alcohol with the view to lying in until lunchtime the following day.  Your holiday wardrobe consists of shiny new floaty  outfits including spaghetti straps and heels.

Definition of “Holiday” (post-children): an endurance test in being able to move one’s family and all their essential belongings from one place to another without a fight or at worst, the occurrence of murder.  All usual routines of sleepless nights and tantrums remain, only magnified by jetlag and the fact that you no longer have CBeebies to save you from despair.  Beach days are reduced to sitting (for not long) on a screwed up sandy towel covered in squashed raisins.  Relaxing is not an option. Nor is reading (unless it’s The Gruffalo or such).  Your holiday wardrobe is not even worth considering because every night you will end up with Spaghetti all over you.


wpid-rps20150830_201342.jpgI’m Abbie. Thanks for visiting my travel and fashion blog Bikinis and Bibs – an inspirational message to   all mummies, that despite the harsh reality of the above, fashion and adventure can exist after   children (albeit with splatterings of sick and temper tantrums).

In over 12 years of working in travel pr, I have stayed in some beautiful destinations and   hotels, I have also stayed in some downright grotty ones. I am a mini break addict, spa lover, long haul adventurer and now, family holiday seeker. By the age of one, my baby boy had already been on thirty flights and visited four continents.  Murder didn’t happen – we survived, I’d even say we had fun, didn’t spend a fortune and believe it or not, are up for doing it again.

This blog will share my travelling experiences with T-Rex*, exploring everything from luxury hotels that cater for children but aren’t overrun by them; stylish self catering and stunning child friendly beaches. I will also share my fashion finds along the way because mamas like to be stylish too.

This blog is for all parents that want to return from their holidays feeling rejuvenated and not like they have just spent a week sunbathing in the world’s largest crèche.  It is also for mums and dads who sometimes want to escape from their little darlings and holiday like they used to.

Please feel free to email me at: abbie@bikinisandbibs.co.uk

Enjoy the read!

Abbie x

*so named for the purpose of this blog