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Gentle Baby Beach at Moona Moona Creek

The beaches on the south coast of Sydney are stunning – all white sands and turquoise waters. Hyams Beach is the big draw but it isn’t hugely child friendly. Instead, head to some of the other surrounding beaches which are not as busy but just as nice. Yesterday we discovered Moona Moona Creek, a gorgeous little inlet of calm, clear water – perfect for kids and mamas who just want

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Toddler Fun at Fairlight Beach, Manly

I lived in Manly for four years so I am a fan.  It’s a lovely day trip out of the hub of Sydney which starts with a 30 minute ferry ride across Sydney harbour. When you reach Manly Wharf you feel like you have arrived on holiday, on your holiday. The restaurants on the jetty are cool and trendy but not pretentiously so – they are the perfect spot for

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Milk Beach, Sydney

As much as I like hanging out in the one foot deep concrete square that is a toddler swimming pool at the end of Bondi beach, it is not where I want to be when I am child free. Grandma kindly offered to have T-rex for the day in order for me and husband to have a day ‘off’ together. Quick! Search for most secluded, difficult to reach bay in

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Beaches of Bournemouth

Although I have lived in London for the last ten years I am definitely a beach girl at heart – there is nothing more invigorating than a walk by the ocean or, if you’re brave enough, a swim in the sea.  Bournemouth is where I grew up and whilst its more tacky main beach always seems to crop up on the front cover of a newspaper every summer, it is

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Day Trip: Whitstable

The mums and I were getting a tad bored of meeting up in the same old grubby child friendly cafes and so we decided to live life on the edge and venture out on a day trip with the babies.  Not only did it break up the mundane of our weekly routine but gave us something to look forward to.  After 7 months of breathing in London smog, we decided our babes needed to smell

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Chill out with the kids at Mayfield Lavender Fields

Another weekend, another search for a family day out that doesn’t involve padded walls and even more screaming children to add to our own.  I know we all have to do kids stuff but sometimes it’s nice to find something that everyone can enjoy right?  Well, if the Lavender fields of Provence have always beckoned but are an unrealistic trip away – then why not visit the Mayfield Lavender Fields in

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