The Magic Ruffled Denim Top – Asos

ASOS Denim Tiered TopI think I’ve just found a miracle slimming cure without having to give up on cakes and pasta…check out this denim top! When you put it on it makes your legs look skinny! I actually bought this top from Asos because I loved the ruffles but the ruffles have taken a backstage to the (bold statement here) ‘stick leg’ effect which takes place simply by applying top to body – hooray!

ASOS Denim Tiered Top

The other cool thing about this top is that it’s summery in design with flamenco sleeves but it’s also warm enough to wear in our unpredictable British summer weather.  We were off to the pub and the park when I wore this but if you are going to do something which involves rolling up your sleeves (ie. milking cows) then I wouldn’t advise wearing this top.

T-Rex busting some moves on this shoot

I would also like to attribute the teenage leg effect to these black jeans which I have had for ages but they still sell in Mint Velvet.  I swear, whenever I wear these jeans, the golden words “have you lost weight?” are always uttered …and as I stuff another chocolate Hobnob in my mouth, I say “I don’t think so, it’s just these jeans” – so there it is right there, reason to buy these black jeans.  I actually think it’s because they have those diagonal zips at the front which kind of make you look slim.

ASOS Denim Tiered Top

No one can deny that left leg looks especially thin…magic top, magic jeans enhanced by a magic leg cock

Back to Asos denim, in my last post I wore an Asos denim dress. They have so many good denim pieces at the moment but the selection is large, so it can be a bit of a trawl to get through. To save you time (because I’m nice like that) here are my pick of the best classic denims to have in your wardrobe.


From top right: Vintage Denim skirt; Denim Jacket; Denim shorts; Dungarees; Denim Shirt; Mom Jeans

In this post I’m wearing:

Denim Tiered Top – Asos

Phoenix Black Biker Jean – Mint Velvet

Stella McCartney Espadrille Sandals  – The Outnet

T-Rex Wears:

T-shirt – Beanie & Bear

Sunglasses – Molo

Denim shorts – Zara (old)

Shoes – Bought in Mallorca

Photo By: All images Copyright Bikinis and Bibs except Asos product images
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