What T-Rex Wore – Shark Sunsuit


A quick little post on what T-Rex is currently running around the beaches in.  His swimwear wardrobe rivals mine but I think my favourite outfit has to be this shark sunsuit and hat.  It was one of those last minute impulse buys that you do in a panic the day before you go away (well I do anyway) “Ooh T-Rex has five swimsuits but he may just need another”.


Sharky Sharky…

What I like best about this suit and hat combo is that all the essentials are covered, ok the forearms and bottom legs get a bit brown but as long as you keep reapplying factor 50 they are pretty much protected.  I have bought a few of these pocket sunscreens – I’ve found them so much handier than a bigger bottle and it means you can keep several dotted around.



Rocking the Hat

The hat did get thrown off several times at first but after a little persistence and some superglue (joke) it is now a firm favourite.

Shark Print Sunsuit & Hat from John Lewis Holiday Shop

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