Ibiza Luxury Family Villa With Friends

Binnares Beach

Binnares Beach

Sorry for my silence everyone but last week we were in one of my favourite Balearics, Ibiza.  No I didn’t take T-Rex clubbing at Pascha but he did enjoy a beachclub or two and time in our lovely luxury family villa Can Sabinas.  We went with our friends who have a son a similar age to T-Rex and it worked perfectly.


Since having T-Rex we have adopted the ‘rent a villa with friends’ method of holidaying.  We have done it once before and it seems to work well for a number of reasons. For a start it means you can rent somewhere nicer than usual because you are splitting the cost; you can share babysitting and on the days when you are just hanging out in your very nice villa, the kids can play together giving you a bit of respite.  The only thing you need to do is pick the right friends to share with:)


Poolside Breakfast for T-Rex Every Morning

Can Sabinas is a great family villa.  Stylish but not so expensively furnished that you have a heart attack everytime your child moves something.  Lots of room with daybeds and sofas galore to ensure you get that Ibiza feeling and have space for some quiet moments. Very well equipped kitchen and lots of bathrooms (four).


Can Sabinas Has Lots of Running Space For Energetic Little Feet

It has its pros and cons for toddlers but is defintely perfect for kids five years and up I’d say.   Traditional walls with a small drop and steps without handrails are what I love about these characterful old Spanish villas but you may feel a bit nervous about allowing a toddler to tackle them alone.  The ever inquisitive T-Rex actually showed no interest in climbing these mini danger zones.  Also, the pool is ‘gated’ to a point ie. a little gate prevents small kids from getting into the pool area but if you want them to be totally out of reach, then you must close the villa doors which all open onto the pool.  For us, this was not a problem even though I thought it might be at the start.


…and lots of space to chill out and drink milk (excuse the lack of styling on this shot but I was on holiday!)

Most evenings and on a couple of days, we shared a babysitter from Deliciously Sorted – a trusted concierge on Ibiza which provided us with a lovely, fully qualified lady throughout the week called Tania.  We of course wanted family time as well, so it was handy that the beach was just a five minute drive away so the kids could have daytime fun with us outside the villa too.


Beach Dining at Calla Bassa

Calla Bassa Beach Club is a relaxed beach club which is perfect for families, I have to say the staff were delightful and so friendly…but then so they should be for the cost of the sunbeds – be prepared they are steep but it’s fun for a one-off. While our minis were treated to dining on the beach, daddies could monitor with a sundowner in hand. The Beach Shops in Ibiza are always full of such beautiful and unusual beachwear so while the boys filled their tummies the Mummies partook in the ultimate Ibizan retail therapy – BEACH SHOPPING!


A Calla Bassa Beach Shop

I’ll be writing more on places to go to in Ibiza in the next few posts so stay tuned.

Can Sabinas can be booked through Hip Holidays

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