Magical Lantern Festival – Chiswick House, London


Magical Lantern Festival Chiswick House

If you haven’t managed to get to see this yet, you should – it’s amazing.  There is still a week left to visit the debuting Magical Lantern Festival at Chiswick House in London.  We went last night and it was a truly lovely evening although a bit cold so wrap up warm.  T-Rex had a late night and although it wasn’t without a couple of tantrums, plus a pot of chilli con carne (Ross’s dinner) spilt on T-Rex’s new Hunter wellies, he actually did well and we managed to get round to see all lanterns minus any dramatic exits. Hurrah.

Magical Lantern Festival Chiswick House

The Magical Lantern Festival is displayed in the gardens and around the lake of Chiswick House.  It’s a stunning setting and quite ethereal walking around the gardens in the dark, with only giant illuminated animals lighting your way.  It takes 75 minutes to view the huge and colourful lantern installations created by artists.  This might seem quite a long time for small children but there are food stations along the way and a cafe in the middle where you can take a break and buy chilli con carne and other such things, which, if you don’t drop them on the floor like us, are a warm and welcome break.

Magical Lantern Festival Chiswick House

The festival is to celebrate Chinese New Year 2016 and the Year Of The Monkey.  There are lots of funny and cute Asian inspired characters such as giant pandas playing amongst oversized and brightly coloured mushrooms. Staggeringly tall giraffe roaming amongst kangaroo and zebra.  A huge recreation of the Monkey King and an absolutely beautiful 66-metre Chinese dragon sitting by the lake.

The other day I was watching China’s Harbin Ice Festival on the TV and feeling slightly disappointed that I wasn’t able to enjoy all these beautiful Chinese New Year celebrations that were taking place across the world but a visit to this clever and unique exhibition has satisfied all my yearnings and T-Rex was also rather in awe of his new giant friends.

Magical Lantern Festival Chiswick House

The Magical Lantern Festival, Chiswick House

Need to know:

  • Make sure you wrap up warm (hats, scarves and gloves) as it gets quite cold walking around
  • Take a pram if you have a toddler as it’s quite a long walk around the festival for them
  • Feed children before you go – although there are food and drink stalls there you’d probably benefit from doing an early dinner for the little ones

For more information:

This post is in association with The Magical Lantern Festival.  A big thank you to the organisers who provided us with tickets to see this event.


Photo By: Images copyright Bikinis and Bibs
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“Magical Lantern Festival – Chiswick House, London”
  • Fantastic photos – I can’t believe I missed this, the grounds at Chiswick House are so lovely that this must have been magical. Or as magical as it gets when there’s chilli on your toes 😉 Thanks for joining up with #citytripping

    • Thanks Cathy -yes I was quite amazed that it was there, we almost missed it too and it was absolutely amazing!:)

  • Looks amazing – I did hear about this but didn’t get around to going… it’s really close to me too! The lanterns look totally magical and I have a feeling my daughter would be a huge fan – especially of the pandas! I hope they do this again next year! Thanks for linking to #citytripping

    • It was beautiful and yes apparently they are going to be doing more in different locations!

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