Mom Jeans – Topshop

Finally!  I can bend over to clean up my darling T-Rex’s crap off the floor and not give some poor unsuspecting soul an eyeful of my behind whilst doing so!  Mom Jeans are back and ladies I’m telling you – it’s soooo comfy.  mom jeans topshop

No longer do we have to pretend we are 17 year olds in our skinny jeans but instead be allowed to show off our curves and button up high above our lovely mummy tummies.  T-Rex and I are feeling the love for the Mom Jean this Valentines Day, as well as for each other:)

Mom Jeans come with and without rips and in a range of 90’s inspired colours – Lilac Acid, Sun Bleach, Pretty Blue, Washed Black and Grey.  They all taper at the bottom making you look like you have tiny ankles.

mom jean top shop

mom jean top shop

Mom Jeans in Bleach – Topshop

Love Is My Drug T-shirt – Topshop

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“Mom Jeans – Topshop”
  • Workin’ the Mom Jeans Abbie! I need to get a pair of these myself, I am sick of flashing the world. I was just saying to hubby the other day… I am sick of hanging out in all kinds of unsightly places 😉

    • Heehee – thanks Aleasha! Honestly I love these jeans! They were one of those rare items you take into the changing room, try on and go “yep I’m definitely having those”:) Go get yourself a pair lovely x

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