Room Service Please! It’s Mothers Day…

breakfast in bedAs mums we are so selfless. Even when it comes to Mother’s Day, a day dedicated to us, we are happy with just about anything…a cup of tea in bed, a sweet card, a homemade piece of pottery. Understated, meaningful simplicity should always reign…but. When you receive a weighty green bag painted with pretty gold letters- Harrods– full of luxurious pampering goodies, you can’t help but feel overly excited. It’s nice to be treated! I have this conversation with Ross all the time. Receiving a surprise luxury gift is not just about the gift itself but about the fact that the giver thinks you are worth the extra special treat.pregnant mum and sonMy Mother’s Day gift from Harrods arrived at around 6pm, amidst the usual chaos of battles with Rex about dinner bath and bed. Our postman handed over the bag with a ‘lucky lady’ kind of smile – both of us knowing this was a heavy duty gift. My fraught ‘witching hour’ face dissolved leaving a much more pleasant expression of surprise and gratitude. Gratitude for breaking up the hardest part of the day and gratitude for doing so with a gift I would so rarely expect to receive. The postman almost got a biscuits‘The Harrods Bag’ turned out to be an all round sensory pleaser. A large and luxurious Ilum natural wax candle by Max Benjamin which would make our house look and smell beautiful. A box of pretty pink almond biscuits which I would share with my son – delicately devoured by me, rather more ungraciously gobbled by him. A thoughtful energy inducing aromatherapy roller from Tata Harper because I am eight months pregnant and always in need.dressing tablebreakfast pancakeszara floral shirtAn entire range of natural rose scented beauty products from a brand called Fresh which I’ve only been using for a few days but already feel like I’ve been missing out on a big pampering secret. A Seychelles scented body lotion and soap bar from one of my favourites – The White Company – to assist with the mental escapism us mums so desperately need sometimes and lastly, a delicious jar of raspberry and rosepetal preserve that would make morning toast (no matter how hurried) a whole lot more indulgent.mothers day breakfastMy gifts from Harrods were as thoughtful for my current situation in life as a mother and new mum-to-be as they were luxurious. Mother’s Day is all about being thankful and whilst we could all of course survive without indulgent gifts, receiving them once in a while personally makes me feel extra special and appreciated. Don’t get me wrong I’ll still be happy with tea and toast in bed. Just make sure my toast has Raspberry and Rose Petal preserve on please.breakfast in bedThis post is written in association with Harrods who gave me my Mother’s Day products as a gift.
Mothers Day Luxury Gift Guide

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“Room Service Please! It’s Mothers Day…”

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