Sweaty Betty Crazy Leggings

Does anyone else wear their gym gear, then not go to the gym? Or is it just me.  I honestly do intend to go to the gym but sometimes I just don’t get there and other times I just need to wear something stretchy and comfortable that is conducive to running around after T-Rex.

Sweaty Betty ski leggings

Aside from the fact that my old gym gear no longer fits (slightly telling) I decided that if I was going to do more of this ‘wearing gym gear not at the gym’ then I should invest in some cool, some might say quirky, pieces.

Sweaty Betty leggings

These criss cross ski leggings from Sweaty Betty have been glued to my legs over the last month. They are so warm and have a seamless waistband to slim down mummy tummies but best of all, I love their 80’s print – it’s like a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day.

hello spring daffodils

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