When Last Season Is This Season: Slowing Down My Sunglass Fashion

Bikinis and BibsThe words ‘sale’ and ‘discount’ have unfortunately never featured highly in my shopping vocabulary. I’ve always liked all the new season (expensive) stuff. As with many things however, motherhood has changed my shopping habits…and I’m starting to think it’s for the better. I buy more online to save time and whilst I still love all the latest fashion, I really would rather have items that will last, both in a fashion sense and quality wise. Equally, my budget is sadly not what it was when I was a designer clad working girl. So when I got sent a pair of last season Chloe frames from SmartBuyGlasses, I was secretly very happy.bikinis and bibsGood quality sunglasses have always been the one thing I won’t scrimp on simply because I think our eyes are so important.  I have endless holiday pictures with panda eyes but to me that is proof that I am protecting them properly. I currently own a pair of Prada and Chanel sunglasses which I’ve had for a few years now (working girl purchases) and I do have a pair of cheap H&M beach sunglasses that I take when I’m with Rex and know I won’t care about if they get ruined.bikinis and bibs

I have not owned any Chloe sunglasses…up until now. These are the Carlina rose gold frames with transparent brown lenses. They are last season but to be honest, their design is not hugely varied to this season and I think it would take a Chloe afficionado to really know the difference. They are big statement sunglasses which I personally think look best when paired with more understated outfits and colours.They were sent to me by the international online glasses store, SmartBuyGlasses, which sell sunglasses and normal glasses from last season, at a reduced price. They pretty much sell all brands including some of my favourites – Celine, Tom Ford, Karen Walker and Fendi.

It is not the easiest thing to buy sunglasses online but they have a good 100 day free returns policy and so trying before you buy is possible. The website also has a couple of other handy functions including matching your face shape or personality to certain sunglasses or providing a list of celebrities spotted in sunglasses you can then go on to select from the store.Are they authentic I hear you ask. This was the biggest question I had because I can definitely do last season but I can’t do fake, even at a discount. Yes is the answer. SmartBuyGlasses operates globally and is founded by three Australian entrepreneurs who also started Vision Direct in Australia. Here is a video link if you want to know more. They are also a socially aware company and for every pair of normal glasses purchased, they donate a pair to someone in a less developed country in partnership with Unite For Sight.So if you’re lusting after some new sunglasses, remember there’s nothing wrong with last season. Same quality, same brand, very slightly different style but at a more affordable price.


My Bikini: Ganni (sold out)|Sliders: Slydes

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