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Moving to Mallorca: Eight Months In

Hi All! Happy New Year! Well I know I keep promising posts (I have so many I want to write but never the time at the moment) but 2018 was a big year for us. Not only did we have a new baby but we also fulfilled a long standing dream to relocate from London to Mallorca. After a couple of years of talking about it we took the plunge

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Bioderma Kids SPF50+ Sun Mousse: A Review

We have been trialing a couple of the Bioderma suncare products during this first week of being away. Both myself and Rex are olive skinned but we still burn easily when we have not been exposed to the sun for a while. The brand’s new SPF 50+ sunscreen mousse for kids is aimed at giving long lasting protection whilst making the process of application fun and easy. I have also been using

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The Mindful Toddler

Last week I was sent a pack of cards called Mindful Monsters. I don’t usually talk about products but these interested me because they are all about helping our children to be mindful – to build resilience and kindness through being thoughtful. Practicing Mindful Monsters Every parent will agree that life gets so busy and whilst we might try and take time out ourselves to do some yoga or meditation, how

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