Orange Juice & Ice Cream – A Sweet Date In Mallorca

July 23, 2016

My son is now almost three years old and I have seen him grow up so much during our stay in Mallorca. Each day a little part of the baby in him disappears and I get a glimpse of the boy

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Cassai – Fashion, Food And Design In Mallorca

July 21, 2016

One of my favourite places to hang out in South East Mallorca was the small empire of lifestyle shops and restaurants owned by Cassai group.  The actual owner, Catalina Socias, is a mother, interior designer and entrepreneur.  She took her

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Holiday Dress Part 3: Mes Demoiselles Eva Dress

July 18, 2016

Last but not least of my holiday dress round-up is the Eva Dress from Mes Demoiselles.  Some of you will have seen me wearing it quite a lot in my Instagram feed and although it’s no longer available in the UK

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A Shop For Boho Babies – Lala And Zizo

July 16, 2016

I love reading the story of Lala and Zizo because it reminds me so much of my own life growing up as an expat child. Going to school in a boiling hot country with palm trees in the playgrounds and

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Three Stylish Family Stays in Mallorca

July 13, 2016

  If you have enjoyed my posts on Mallorca and are thinking about visiting the island with your family, then there are lots of family friendly places to stay, from self-catering apartments and villas to boutique and luxury hotels.   Here

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Holiday Dress Part 2: Topshop Tasseled Kaftan

July 11, 2016

You can’t beat Topshop for affordable last minute holiday shopping.  I saw this tassle kaftan and thought it would be a perfect cover-up during our trip to Greece…because everything is blue and white in Greece right?  Tassles, embroidery and one of my

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Toddler Cove Hopping – South East Mallorca

July 8, 2016

  I know the words toddler and boat don’t really sit well together but I like a challenge.  One of the most popular activities in Colonia de Sant Jordi is to hire a brig boat and explore the beach coves dotted

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Holiday Dress Part 1: Off The Shoulder Zara

July 5, 2016

I generally live in jeans at home in London and so it’s been all about the dresses for me while I’ve been out in Mallorca. If you’ve been looking to try an off the shoulder top or dress, Zara have some

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Beach Life, Beach Dress – Dilli Grey

July 3, 2016

I’m always so envious of the effortlessly chic ‘white dress wearers’ you see on holiday. It’s such a sophisticated look that I associate with walking barefoot down a jetty in St Barts or drinking in a colonial tea house in Sri

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